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Friday, October 5, 2012

Long Time, No Blog!

Hi, blogger friends!

I totally knew I'd be the girl to take a long break from blogging once we settled into our home. Life gets very crazy for our family around the end of August every year.

We've been in for just over two months at this point! Time flew as we settled and found a routine with our new town and homeowner status. I'll try to update with specific projects we tackled and ideas for future plans in the near future.

Tonight I simply wanted to reflect on a few loves about our new town and location of our neighborhood.

Location to highway for our commutes
Distance to local shopping center that contains our new gym!
1/2 mile from a grocery store
1/2 mile from wine & spirits store
Sense of a "small community" in the back of our neighborhood
Our neighbors!
Building new memories with my hubby & baby girl

And recent snapshots of this new life we've created by deciding to build our first home...

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  1. Hi Summer! Nice to see you back! Love your pictures! I admire your love list. I think it's great when you can share your new life in a new home with hubby and baby girl plus nice neighbors. I have come to meet most of our neighbors and it's pretty cool!