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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What 2 Weeks In Looks Like

Ok, we're getting there little by little. I decided to take some photos tonight of our unpacking progress. I'll admit that it takes much effort to figure out where you want things. I then find myself changing my mind 15 times. I know it obviously takes time to get settled, but I'm the kind of person who unpacks from a trip immediately upon returning because I like the satisfaction of completing a task. Kinda weird, but it's a somewhat struggle to not be unpacked and decorated and satisfied just yet. We're getting there! And we probably do have a lot done for 10 days, but not everything has found its place yet.

Outside the grass is getting really high in the front. The back has a ton of patches and it will be a project for this weekend. (fertilize, re-seed, water, etc.)

So what do I love? Entertaining! We've had a lot of friends and family stop by in the past week and I love it! In fact, tomorrow night we are having about 8 people over for dinner. We would have never been able to entertain like this in our apartment. We are also able to have two guest rooms right now which is awesome! We have even had guests (ok, my mom one night and my in-laws) too in the past week!

Here's how things stand tonight...

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Settling In and Loving It!

It's been a crazy few days since closing on Friday. Closing was about an hour long as we signed, signed, signed. It was smooth for the most part, except for the realization of an interim tax that we will be responsible for in the next few weeks. We should have been told about it along the way, but weren't. We were told that another couple had been surprised by this recently at closing as well, so someone is not doing their job. The tax has something to do with the fact that the money hasn't been sitting in escrow, and Ryan has been paying the property taxes but now there is a house on the property and we'll owe this money this year. It's to the tune of a few thousand so we weren't too happy with this surprise.

Everything else was smooth. After closing, we drove straight to the house, met my momma who was watching Claire and started the toasting! We bought two bottles of the cheap
stuff, new boxes of champagne flutes and toasted as our family and friends stopped by all afternoon. It will always be an awesome memory of our first day here. We even invited our PM and he stopped by for a quick toast on his way out on Friday afternoon.

I took a bunch of pictures of the house before we started filling the house on Saturday. I will be sure to add more once the decorating begins! There is SO much to do! I didn't even think about the amount of baby proofing that needs to be done in a new house. Hubby is currently installing safety locks on all cabinets in the kitchen. Claire has been rather successful in helping me unpack by pulling everything out from an organized cabinet onto the floor. It has felt like 2 steps forward, 1 step back all week. But that's alright! I love having the space for her to be able to do what toddlers are supposed to do--make a mess!

I plan to go into some more details later this week about my pleasant surprises about our home and settling in and the not-so-pleasant surprises with settling in.

Ok, onto the pictures before we moved our stuff in...