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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Flooring Selections

Last night's flooring meeting was quick, easy and painless! I wasn't too worried about it taking all that long. We were pretty much in agreement about most of the options/choices going into the meeting and finalizing the countertop selection wasn't that bad either. We also made an agreement beforehand not to add on anything extra or make any more upgrades. We want to stay firm to our initial selections of upgrades. We also know that with an infant and any children we may have in the future, hardwood flooring or tile/ceramic floors would not be very practical. We figure that down the road when she and any siblings are older, we can upgrade and make changes then. I know the cries and bumps she's experienced here in our little apartment with carpet and hardly any padding underneath have been frustrating enough. We can make updates in the future as the builders' grade options will need to be changed down the road.

Here are our choices!

Tahoe Cherry Square Bordeaux cabinets
Butterrum Granite laminate countertops

Claire wanted to help!

Flooring option

Carpet selection next to the flooring

All selections grouped together

***I am so grateful to have found the blogs that many of you have created and updated along the way of your own experience building with Ryan. It has really helped to give us visuals of the products and see the ups/downs along the way. I knew that I wanted to document our own journey, so I figured that by starting this blog, I could not only share our decisions with family and friends, but help out another family thinking about building too.

Another Milan in our neighborhood that's almost finished! I wanted to add a picture of what the house looks like with the side garage entry since that's what we'll have too.


  1. I think your cabinet and countertop choices look great together! As for the flooring, we also didn't do ceramic (other than the master bath) or hardwoods because of kids and dogs. Upgrading them later will allow you many more choices and you'll be able to get exactly what you want.

  2. Looking great guys, your house is going to be beautiful! --Ericka

  3. Great selections! I LOVE the cherry cabinets!

  4. We have similar taste! Our cabinets are a little darker (maple espresso), but I think our flooring choices are the same.

  5. Thanks, all! I can't wait to see it all come together!!