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Monday, July 2, 2012

Making Serious Progress

Today we walked through our home to see all of the work completed since pre-drywall for the first time. It honestly was surreal. It's extremely hard to fathom that this will be our home in 25 days.

Our PM told us that carpets will be in early next week, driveway will be paved and the lot will be evened out by the middle of next week. He mentioned several other things as well, but I honestly was so overwhelmed by being there that the only other part I remember is him saying that by the end of next week 98% of the home will be completed.

Blogging from my phone has prevented adding captions, so here are some photos from today in random blogger app order:


  1. Yep looking awesome! Love the cabinets!

  2. Exciting! That fireplace is gorg

  3. Pretty! I love how the red/brown tones from the fireplace coordinate with the cherry cabinets in the kitchen.