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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Stonework Complete!

Alright, I knew I wouldn't make it until Monday without driving by the house.
We found out our future neighborhood was having a few yard sales today, so we took advantage of our free morning and walked around to meet a few more neighbors.

The morning could not have been better! In meeting the neighbors two houses down, the sister of the mom uses the same sitter we use for our baby girl! Our daughter has played with these two kids all year, and their cousins will be our new neighbors. We are moving about 45 minutes away from my work and this sitter, so it really shows how small of a world we do live in. It was so cool. We met another family that lives behind us who also built with Ryan last year. They have a Naples and love it. (Most of our immediate neighbors do not live in homes built by Ryan...). This family is currently putting in a pool and they invited us over once we get settled. They have 4 little ones with the youngest pretty close in age to our daughter. These introductions to new families make me even more excited to move!!!

Alright, onto the stonework pictures. We both love the final result:


  1. Summer, it's so nice to meet the neighbors it gives everyone an instant connection to the community. I love how this happens because already built communities do not offer this type of welcoming!!! I have met eight neighbors so far! Lol I am sure this wlil come true -- fingers crossed! Btw yourI MILAN IS HOTT!! Love love the colors and side entry garage

  2. the stonework is fabulous! haven't met a neighbor yet but i know they're there lol probably peeking from the windows in anticipation.

  3. I love the stonework. We debated between brick and stone. I love the warm look of stone. Looking good!