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Friday, June 1, 2012

Pieces of Our Home

Busy, busy week! Celebrated our baby girl's first birthday and traveled for Memorial Day weekend!

The house is really moving along. Early in the week they poured the cement floors for the basement and garage and yesterday they started the framing!

Today I drove by to see what seems like our entire house strewn across the lot in bits and pieces. The PM called today to say they will continue framing tomorrow and Sunday, and we should have our roof by Tuesday, 6/5!! We will also be setting up our pre-dry wall meeting for the end of next week. What?! How is this part moving so quickly?!


  1. That is about the fastest that I have heard of from framing to a pre-drywall meeting in a week! LOL, that is awesome!

  2. are definitely on your way!!

  3. Awesome! That's exciting!

  4. How exciting! It is amazing how fast they work. That pile of lumber disappears so quickly to turn into your home :)