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Monday, June 18, 2012

Baby Got Back!

Stopped by to see three work trucks out front! One was working on plumbing, another on insulation and I'm not quite sure about the third. I decided to walk around the back of the lot since it was pretty dry today. I realized I didn't have many pictures of the back of our house, so I snapped a few!

In other news, we started some calls today to start up the daunting moving process. We have two different moving companies coming out this week to our apartment to give us quotes. About four people at work told me it was so helpful and took away so much of the moving stress for them. We are moving from a two bedroom apartment, but still wanted to try to see what this potential cost would be to see of it's worth it. We also scheduled for our apartment carpets to be cleaned once we are out of here. We are so fortunate to have a full month until our lease runs out to work on cleaning up this place to try to get our security deposit back.

And now for the "backside" pictures!


  1. Those flowers look pretty. I think you should keep the house silver too :-)

    1. The flowers are pretty new! We were told they'd mow at some point but I kinda like them. And I will probably stalk the lot until the siding happens this week. You can see the silver from far, far away :-)

  2. Loving the progress!! I second keeping the flowers. :)

  3. I want a silver home!!! We're wrapped in a canvas-like Ryan Homes wrap. One of my neighbors told me that they booked a rental with U-Haul and a list of moving contractors came up on the side of the page. He said that they were very reasonable in comparison to a moving company. You can drive the truck and just hire them to do the labor.

  4. We have moved 6 times, and only once did we do it all ourselves. If you do a local move, most companies charge by the hour while long distance moves are charged by weight. Our last move was local and we decided to have the movers just move the furniture. We saved a lot of money by moving the boxes ourselves, but we didn't have to deal with the heavy stuff. It seemed like best of both worlds. Besides, if they damage anything, they have to fix it as opposed to having friends/family move things and then you have to decide how to handle that. I would definitely get a few estimates, but make sure they are in person, not over the phone.