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Friday, June 22, 2012

Weekend Update

Tonight we had our weekly call from our PM. The drywall has been put up in each room as of today. They'll spend a few more days finalizing it to prepare it for its first coat of paint this week. We were also told that Monday all of our cabinets should arrive and they'll start to install them by Wednesday! Hopefully we can schedule a visit to get inside at that point.

We are quickly approaching the one month countdown for settlement. I can hardly believe this home will be ours so soon. We truly feel blessed to soon be living what feels like a dream come true for our little family. I'm still not sure when it will "hit" that this house, the land, the quiet neighborhood will be ours. This beautiful home that didn't exist a few weeks ago is almost ours. It's really hard to take it all in some days. I'm sure others of you know what I mean.

Here's a few pictures I took today on my every-other-day drive by the home. One shows our "beautiful" weeds and the right-side property line. Another is a close-up of the trim around our door and the other two are inside shots of the garage and visible drywall:


  1. I love the trim around the door!

    1. Third-gorgeous!! I'm a fan of thick moulding.

    2. Thanks!! I'm thinking the trim will "pop" even more once the door is painted. I'm really happy with it.

  2. It is coming along nicely..Drywall cementing does take sometime..Once it is done.. things will start to move fast again..

  3. Love the door trim too! Looks so nice and finished!