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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Three Weeks

Until we break ground! We can't wait to start the process since we started thinking about building back in January! Our pre-construction meeting is set for Thursday, May 3rd and Monday, May 7th is the start date., what to do until then?

Random Question-
Does anyone know if the master closets will come with a door or not? I think our model did not have doors and I couldn't really picture what they would look like if they do come with doors. Im curious about all of the models, not just the Milan. This popped into my head last night, and it's clearly a pressing issue at 7:30 am on a Saturday :-)


  1. Your closet should have a door. They do not put many doors in the model. In the models we went through, all the doors were in the storage area of the basement. The closet doors are all swing doors (not bi-folds)in the communities we visited.

  2. We are building a Milan, when we stopped by today all of our doors on their hinges. And yes there are doors on both closets, what I found interesting is they have heating ducts in the closets.

  3. The lull between making your final selections and breaking ground feels as though time crawls.

    The sales reps in our community said they take the doors off so potential buyers can easily move from room to room and take pictures. As Rachel mentioned, they typically hang the doors in the basement so when they reconvert the model to sell it, the doors are readily available for rehanging.

  4. I just found your blog and have started following it! I too have blog envy over everyone else's progress! It looks like we have the same timeline. We break ground around May 9th. I'm feeling very impatient!