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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pre-construction Meeting...


These past three weeks have moved at a snails/turtles' pace! (Figuratively and literally as a turtle crossed the street on my drive home yesterday from work. I slowed down to 3 mph to let it make its way to the side & thought the moment was rather symbolic.)

Meeting tomorrow at 4:00pm!


  1. It does seem forever to get to that point. And then there's the wait to break ground. And then it flies! We are 21 days from closing and it seems like yesterday that we were sitting at our pre-construction meeting. Good luck tomorrow!

  2. Good luck and super jealous! Still in the waiting phase.

  3. it does go fast but when you are in the middle of it there will be points that seem to drag. Two examples? Framing is fast, drywall is slow. But three months later since we closed and the whole thing seemed to be a blink. Take lots of pictures and blog often. I enjoy going back in my blog and re-visiting.

  4. Good luck! We arent too far behind you! Waiting on loan approval and going to wiring/flooring appointments next week! -Samantha

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